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Whoopi Goldberg Uses Marijuana For What?

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If you didn’t know, Whoopi Goldberg is all about that marijuana life.

The EGOT winner and “The View” host already has a company that produces healing cannabis products. Now her Whoopi & Maya line is expanding to help women specifically during that time of the month.

“I created a thing for women and cramps,” she revealed to HipHollywood during the sit down for her new film Nobody’s Fool. “When I was researching I discovered that they have not created anything for women in terms of period or anything since 1963. Pamprin was the last thing created. The other thing created was Midol and that was created at the beginning of the 20th Century. That’s how long it’s been since anybody has paid any attention.”

Goldberg revealed however that her product will not be something you inhale or swallow but rather something you apply to your skin.

“I love it as medicine, it’s brilliant medicine, and fortunately for women it’s very good as a topical for cramps.”

Ironically in the Tyler Perry film, Goldberg’s character is also an avid marijuana user .”There is a lot of weed in my scenes,” she joked when asked about her characters penchant for smoking pot. “But I’m that type of character.”

In the film Goldberg plays the mother to Tiffany Haddish and Tika Sumpter and helps them weather the storms of dating by dishing some hilarious and honest advice.

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