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Welcome Mat [December 14, 2019]

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Welcome Mat [December 14, 2019]

What have you allowed in your life? Why as Christians, do we feel that we have to keep the Welcome Mat out for everyone? Or for that matter, be the Welcome Mat. Why do we compromise?
What have you allowed in your life and who have you welcomed into your life?

You are living in horrible situations, this world has become more reckless and careless than ever before they don’t care about anybody.

Churches and society have told us that we have to love everyone and that we have to welcome everyone.

That we are not to be judgmental or not to hate people. But by doing that, they have turned us into Welcome Mats. To be used and mistreated by everyone. Join us today as we show you that this is not true!

That you can break free from being everyone’s Welcome Mat, and how you can choose who you allow in your home and in your life. That there are scriptures to prove it.

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
3:40 Jesus on the Road
6:22 Reboot Mike
7:02 Being on one Accord
10:57 Look what Jesus did
14:20 Shower with Kindness
17:54 Inviting the Devil In
22:16 Diety of Paganism
24:07 Ambassador of this World
27:30 Servitude
37:55 Hypocrites
41:51 Nation that Serves God
44:00 Reaching out to the Hurting
53:20 Emphasis the Church
56:02 Example to the World

After years of searching, The Ark of the Covenant HAS BEEN FOUND!
Soon Adonai’s presence will be revealed to the world.

Please watch: “Conscience [December 21, 2019]”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53jXkjex93Q –~–

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