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The 'Takedown' of Dthang Gz | 2021 Micro-Documentary

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Dthang Gz, also known as Daniel Collins, is a self professed member of the Bronx YGz gang, which has helped bring gun violence levels in the borough to a high not seen since 1996. Dthang was arrested on November 11th. We at Rocky asked the NYPD for a statement, and they responded.

A spokesman for the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information of the NYPD told us

“On November 11, 2021 at 11:45 pm at Briggs Avenue and East 194 Street, Collins along with three other individuals were pulled over during a car stop, and were in possession of a defaced loaded Beretta handgun.”

Dthang is currently in jail on Rikers Island on a $100,000 dollar bail.

The gun-toting squeaker of the Bronx is no stranger to being arrested. Back on January 14th, he was charged with several felonies after being caught in what seems like a drug-dealing, and probably using, operation. He was found in possession of cocaine, marijuana, scales, and at least one firearm.

And just days before THAT, he was charged with a felony for possessing a firearm on December 2nd.

All of these incidents occurred in the Bronx.


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