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The Promise of Hemp with Joy Beckerman | Grow House Media Presents: The GROW HOUSE Podcast | EP 24

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Grow House Media Presents: The GROW HOUSE Podcast

From the first Hemp store in Woodstock, New York in 1995 to President of the Center for the Study of Cannabis & Social Policy and many leadership positions in between, Joy has been fighting for cannabis rights for 25 years.

In this episode we get deep with Joy about how far we’ve come with hemp and cannabis in the US, and just how far we have to go for true plant freedom in our country and the world. This conversation should be on the top of your listen-list if you’re a cannabis advocate and need to be INSPIRED, or want the inside scoop about cannabis in our country TODAY.

Joy holds or has held leadership positions in the following organizations:
U.S. Hemp Roundtable, U.S. Hemp Authority, Hemp Industries Association, NORML Women’s Alliance, U.S. Hemp Building Association, New York City Cannabis Industry Association, Hemp Grower Magazine, World Ag Expo, International Hemp Building Association, NORML Women of Washington

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