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The PROBLEM With THC/Marijuana Detox – Anxiety And Panic Attacks On THC Edibles?!

by admin

Anxiety and Depression After Quitting Marijuana And Eating TOO MUCH Weed Edibles.


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In this video, I discuss Why Cannabis May Cause Anxiety. Social Anxiety: Does Smoking Weed REALLY Help? This is the best approach to deal with Marijuana anxiety panic attacks. Nick talks about quitting an extreme marijuana habit and how the withdrawals have been going. I assume about half of anyone who watches this will try to tell him that there are no withdrawals but hey luckily he doesn’t care.

First off, two words don’t go together “marijuana dangerous”. It’s not likely to lead to violent behavior, it has no organ toxicity, it can’t cause on overdose. However, you can still have a marijuana problem. Marijuana addiction is a very real thing and quitting after frequent prolonged use can cause a marijuana withdrawal.

The weed withdrawal’s intensity varies based on the individual, some get nothing at all while others can’t sleep or eat. When searching if marijuana’s addictive there’s a lot of the people who don’t suffer the addiction spreading blanket statements “it wasn’t addictive for me so it isn’t for everyone.” This is not true.

DISCLAIMER: most of the negative impacts from weed use come from when you smoke it DAILY or damn near EVERY OTHER DAY. Can you have a healthy relationship with weed?

Drink more water as you detox. It’s gonna be your BEST FRIEND throughout the entire marijuana withdrawal experience.

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Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar also helps.
Oddly enough you can also use apple cider vinegar as a cleaning agent to quickly clean your system of thc. Take two table spoons of ACV both in the morning and night.

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Better deal with Insomnia when you quit weed
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Original Video: Marijuana Detox – Anxiety – tips by Nick David


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