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The High & Mighty – Mixtape (feat. Mos Def, G.U.R.U., Kool G Rap, Evidence, The Alchemist, El-P…)

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I am just a big fan of Hip-Hop and I run this channel out of passion. I don´t make any money with this channel. It’s simply impossible to monetize other people’s art on YouTube because of the YouTube creator guidelines. It’s YouTube that places the ads and commercials, not me. So please don’t listen over your cell phone and use an adblocker. If you are an artist and you disagree with me uploading your music please send me an e-mail and I will delete the upload. No need to strike this channel. I am just a big fan of your music. therocknessmonstah@yahoo.com

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1. El-P, Mike Zoot, Mos Def & The High & Mighty – B-Boy Document 0:00
2. Smut Peddlers (feat. Kool G Rap) – Talk like Sex 4:02
3. Royce Da 5’9″ – Nickel Nine 7:39
4. Cage, Mr. Eon & Smut Peddlers – One By One 11:54
5. Weathermen – Weatherwhatevermen 15:58
6. The High & Mighty – Artillery 19:12
7. The High & Mighty, Evidence & Defari – Top Prospects 22:39
8. Chief Kamachi & G.U.R.U. – The Best 26:20
9. Alchemist, Evidence & Mr. Eon – E=MC2 30:39
10. The High & Mighty & Eminem – The Last Hit 33:57
11. The High & Mighty – Cranial Lumps 38:13
12. EC All Stars – All in Together 42:21
13. Weatherman – Gut you 46:17
14. The High & Mighty – The Half 50:21
15. High & Mighty – And 1 54:16
16. The High & Mighty, Cage & Tame One – Live From The Bullpen 57:37
17. Deep Thinkers – War Of Words 1:01:32
18. The High & Mighty – Mind, Soul And Body 1:05:27
19. E.C. All Stars – Mighty Mi Air Max (’95 Remix) 1:09:01

The High & Mighty is an American hip hop duo from Philadelphia, composed of rapper Mr. Eon (“The High”, b. Erik Meltzer on February 16, 1972) and music producer DJ Mighty Mi (“The Mighty”, b. Milo Berger on September 1, 1972).

Their commercial debut was in 1999 on the underground rap label Rawkus with their album, Home Field Advantage, featuring rappers, such as Mos Def, Kool Keith, What? What?, Cage, Pharoahe Monch, Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Defari, Thirstin Howl III, and Eminem. They later left Rawkus, distributing the records issued by their own record company Eastern Conference Records via Landspeed Records. They also established a group called Smut Peddlers with Cage and published an album called Porn Again. In 2002, they co-wrote and co-produced Princess Superstar’s international hit single “Bad Babysitter”, with Mr. Eon also providing additional vocals.

The titles of their albums and the name of their record label are both references to one of their favourite musical subjects, American professional team sports. Home Field Advantage, for example, features numerous sporting references, including the track “Friendly Game of Football” and mentions of the ’69 New York Mets, Cris Carter and Jason Sehorn, among others. José Reyes and David Wright of the Mets were mentioned in the song “Key Master” (“We the future like Reyes and David Wright on Fireworks Night”). Another recurring source of lyrical fodder is the Star Wars film series, with Home Field Advantage including lines about Jedi master Mace Windu, the bounty hunter Greedo, Anakin Skywalker and the droid C-3PO.


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