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The Gateway Drug To Highest Levels Of Confidence!

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Craig Ballantyne is back! Canada let one loose and Craig joins us right here at HQ in the studio, and they talk about the underlying aspect of wholistic success, fitness. Coming from 2 former fitness trainers turned serial entrepreneurs, they discuss what has brought them the highest returns on investment through sweat equity, clean eating, and their personal fitness. BISCUITS AND GRAVY!

0:00 – Intro
0:57 – FITNESS! The gateway drug!
03:49 – The false covers of confidence
5:06 – Structure, discipline and consistency, building your confidence and credibility to build your goals!
8:40 – The level headedness that keeps you on track
10:49 – Persistence, and the 4 money making skills
14:30 – Have a vision, carry a why!
17:17 – How to properly use fitness for entrepreneurial success

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