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The Dark Web's Strangest Websites

by admin

Today, we will be taking a look at the dark web’s strangest websites. (most disturbing as well). This list is in no specific order and we will only be covering websites found in the deep/dark web. Thanks for 25,000 likes on part 1! Can we hit 40,000 for this one?

Intro edited by @ch6rge

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0:00 intro
0:51 thank you for everything
2:36 hiring hackers
5:23 drugs shipped to you
6:20 counterfeit money
6:56 buying hacked paypal accounts
8:05 offensive opinions
8:30 semen alert
8:50 fake IDs
9:14 humanleather
10:22 joy of satan
11:56 stillborn angels
12:35 the cannibal cafe forum
13:41 8chan.moe
14:42 fake USA citizenship
15:52 the human experiment
16:35 red rooms
17:59 life updates

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