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Talking Plant Medicine & Tradition With Reed Brown Jr.

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In honor of the United States’ first-ever Indigenous Peoples’ Day as a federal holiday, Brian hosted a very special webcast with Church of Integrative Medicine co-founder/Oglala Lakota tribe member Reed Brown, Jr., speaking all the way from the church’s sweat lodge grounds in West Virginia. Speaking alongside Church co-founder/medicine formulator Chris McDonald, Reed shared information on his life growing up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, cannabis, and his expansive vision for a cannabis and hemp industry that can truly give back to the people. “The medicines that we carry are all about the spirit of the plant, the spirit of well being,” he says. “If your spirit ain’t gonna connect with that spirit of that plant, it’s really not gonna work for you.” Suffice it to say that the connection made between host and guest made for good medicine all around.


0:00-3:32 Pre-Interview Patter
3:33-6:13 Introduction
6:14-8:42 Growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation
8:43-10:52 Reed’s relations to Red Cloud and to the Oglala Lakota medicine tradition
10:53-15:24 How a Medicine’s Spirit Interacts with the Spirit of the Patient
15:25-16:43 Preserving Medicine Traditions
16:44-19:26 On the Church of Integrative Medicine
19:27-28:19 Psychedelics and Indigenous Medicine
28:20-33:46 The Varieties of Indigenous Medicine
33:47-37:32 On the Importance of Cultural Exchange outside of the Tribes
37:32-42:08 Catholicism, Alcoholism and Recovery
42:09-46:23 Environmentalism post-Standing Rock
46:24-49:59 Deb Haaland & Obstacles for Indigenous People and Land Rights
50:00-52:13 Future Plans for the Church of Integrative Medicine
52:14-58:50 Q&A: Cheryl Moore Shares Her Story as an Indigenous Cannabis Entrepreneur
58:51-01:04:02 Q&A: Stanley Brothers’ John Ditto and Wimberly Speak Up and Out
01:04:03-end Outro

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