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Sasquatch Chronicles | Season 1 | Episode 1 | Do NOT Pull Over

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*Please note: This episode has previously aired on the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast as Episode 497, and is being featured with express permission.

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Tonight we will be speaking with three guests. First we hear from Jim, a long-haul trucker and former law enforcement officer. He has had three separate encounters over many years. Jim writes, “”I was driving north on I65 in southern Indiana through endless farmland. I was contacted by my dispatch team and told to check my reefer unit on my trailer. They said it was giving them alerts that my cargo temp was too high. I pulled over next to a thick wooded area off of an exit ramp. As i was running diagnostics on my unit, I became aware of the sound of breathing and was overcome by a smell most foul. I reached into the sidebox of my cab and hit my worklights and what I saw standing over me was stuff of horror films. It was HUGE! I froze in place as this thing stared me down. Finally the engine on my reefer unit started up, scaring me and it. I left as fast as my rig could move. I cant explain the feelings of fear being that close to this creature.”

Next we will speak with Mike who is a current law enforcement officer in Mississippi. He shares an encounter he had while out on an investigation.

Finally, Shirley from California will share an encounter she had when she was 12 years old at an overnight camp in 1966.

Hosted by Wes Germer
Directed by Wes Germer

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