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Q Science's very own Rebecca Ladas & Nichole Jones are in The Lab

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With Trivial times that we are in now Rebecca Stephens Ladas website: shop.myqsciences.com/rladas & Nichole Jones website: shop.myqsciences.com/nkj85 as they discuss Q Sciences Health, Wellness, and Self-Care products that can provide a better lifestyle‼️
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The Harrisburg Area Camp Curtin YMCA branch offers a variety of services and programs for the community. They have a youth and teen center, computer lab, and wellness center that you can utilize with at an affordable price that works for your household.

They offer seasonal programs to include Summer Camps, Winter Basketball Leagues, Lacrosse, and Flag Football. In addition to these programs, their doors are always open for the youth in the community. They can use the gym, library, and. computer lab for summer and after school.

Cornerstone in uptown Harrisburg is the newest venture that the Y is working on. This project is a collaboration with their other partners. The intention is to remove blighted, vacant lots, reduce crimes and create affordable housing for homeowners and more.

For more information about their programs and offerings, checkout their website at ymcaharrisburg.org
The delicious food is sponsored by Stephen Colston the Chef of Flavor 76.
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