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Psychedelic Support with Allison Feduccia | The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

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As psychedelics enter the mainstream, conversations about safety and ethics are more critical than ever – both for the security of personal healing and growth, and for the integrity of the larger movement. Join Beth and guest, Allison Feduccia, for a deep dive into the many emerging forms of psychedelic support and the importance of building more safeguards into the psychedelic space.

In this episode, Beth and Allison discuss …

– The risks of using psychedelics without support
– Allison’s project, Psychedelic Support, a resource that provides listings of licensed heath professionals and peer support groups
– The importance of psychedelic education and the many online courses Psychedelic Support offers
– Why it can be helpful to understand the basic neuroscience of how different psychedelics work in the brain
– What harm reduction looks like in the context of psychedelic use
– Coaching and questions of licensure in the psychedelic space
– Making sure psychedelic facilitators are well trained and supervised
– The power of peer support

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