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PKA 569: Best Grocery Store, Woody Strikes Out Story, Kyle's Court Case

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0:00:00 – Woody introduces the show, no guest it’s just the boys this week!
0:00:29 – Why guests with terrible audio make Woody absolutely FURIOUS
0:02:30 – PKA amnesia, getting female guests on PKA & the saddest guest of all time
0:08:59 – Kyle’s delta-8 vape pen & Taylor’s first experience taking a dab
0:16:39 – Woody is *astounded* by the effectiveness of PKA’s Lock & Load supplement
0:28:03 – Creepy homeless attic dwellers & Kyle’s sleepwalking snack fests
0:32:47 – Pumpkin carving kits, saw blade talk & Taylor’s DIY carpet conundrum
0:40:35 – Kyle’s cracked car windshield and EXTREMELY bright truck lights
0:46:02 – How to turn lifetime prisoners into pawns for society’s entertainment
0:48:24 – Movie talk: James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, Waterboy & more
0:53:29 – Jerry Seinfeld’s strongarm negotiation tactics & Larry David’s comedic genius
0:58:24 – 127 hours, Alaska survival trips gone wrong & “Grizzly Man” Timothy Treadwell
1:02:16 – Joe Exotics’ cancer diagnosis & Tiger King Season 2 talk
1:07:03 – PKA reacts to the Ukrainian girl who was raised by rabid dogs for 7 years
1:12:19 – Fitness talk: Woody’s wrist injury recovery, Kyle’s ab flexing technique & more
1:26:10 – The explicit PKA group chat and Kyle’s adult Subreddit of the Week
1:30:44 – PKA reacts to YouTube announcing they are removing the dislike button
1:33:46 – TV show talk: Woody reviews Netflix’s “You”, Kyle reviews Yellowstone
1:48:28 – Hilarious High School hockey hazing scandal (ft. adult toys & “Hard-R Friday”)
1:54:50 – Woody and Taylor’s experience of hockey locker room culture
1:58:55 – Ad reads: Smartmouth and Blue
Timeline by LegitRage
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2:01:32 – Get 10% off your Lock and Load shipment now, hosts & fans alike are loving it!
2:03:48 – Turkesterone, vitamins & shady syringes: Kyle shares his daily supplement routine
2:11:29 – PKA reacts to the Travis Scott Astroworld disaster – Who’s to blame?
2:30:17 – Video: Woody shows off his insane new acrobatic paramotor stunt
2:39:56 – The time Kyle was almost sponsored to go on an all-expenses paid wingsuit class
2:43:07 – Here’s why getting tasered is an absolutely AWFUL experience
2:47:31 – Politics talk: Will Trump get a second term? Who will Democrats push in 2024?
2:52:51 – PKA reacts to the ongoing court case of the 2020 Kenosha incident
2:59:47 – Here’s why you can steal $950 worth of items in California and get away with it
3:03:21 – Would the guys rather be 5’9 and packing or 6’4 and average length?
3:06:50 – Hockey players with HUGE rear ends but zero media personality
3:13:44 – PKA’s most disliked guest of all time & reflecting on the PKA Survival trips
3:21:27 – Would the guys ever do another PKA Survival (or camping) trip?
3:26:48 – Should this PKA fan expose a friend for owning an embarrassing adult toy?
3:29:27 – Video: CCTV footage shows PKA fan taking down store thief
3:32:19 – Kyle’s “gas-station” sized supermarket has PKA in tears! (hilarious segment)
3:40:31 – Does Kyle prefer living in suburban Atlanta or rural Georgia with his dad?
3:44:30 – Living to ne 112 years old & the best scene from Interview with the Vampire
3:48:01 – Movie talk: Moneyball, Draft Day, Remember the Titans & more
3:51:23 – PKA vs the Paralympics & which female athletes could the guys take down?
3:56:25 – Why horse dancers are wimps & why Kyle wants to become a cowboy
4:00:08 – Olympic poodle clipping & why MMA athletes must cut their nails pre-fight
4:04:06 – The guys call it a show


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