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Pentagon To Review Military For Racist Drug Testing, California Will Save Money With Legal Mushrooms

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A key House committee on Wednesday approved a large-scale defense spending bill that includes report language voicing concern about racial disparities in military drug testing practices and ordering the Pentagon to conduct a review of the issue.

Unlike in past sessions, however, lawmakers did not file an amendment requiring the secretary of defense to issue regulations clarifying that military branches can grant reenlistment waivers to service members who have committed a single low-level marijuana offense.

A proposed ballot measure to legalize psilocybin in California would save the state millions in enforcement costs and also generate state and local tax revenue, the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) recently concluded.

However, the officials also tempered expectations by pointing out that setting up the regulatory scheme for a legal psilocybin market could initially cost millions. But that could “eventually be partially or fully offset by fee revenue.”

Adult-use marijuana sales in Illinois exceeded $120 million in August, state officials reported on Thursday. It’s the second-highest sales record since the state’s recreational market launched last year and the sixth month in a row that sales surpassed $100 million.

Illinois saw $121,933,542 in cannabis purchases last month, with $81,275,830 coming from in-state residents and $40,657,711 from out-of-state visitors. The total sales is slightly lower compared to July’s nearly $128 million hauls, but retailers had partially attributed the record-breaking sales that month to the music festival Lollapalooza.

Today, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried urged U.S. Senate leaders to take action on cannabis reform legislation to end the federal prohibition on marijuana. This call was included in formal comments submitted by Commissioner Fried to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), and Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) on the discussion draft of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, proposed legislation by the three senators. The letter also detailed ongoing challenges facing the hemp industry in Florida, which is overseen by Commissioner Fried and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, due to cannabis overall not being legalized.

Massachusetts’s attorney general rejected a proposed ballot initiative that would request smoking of marijuana and tobacco in multiple-unit housing developments be prohibited.

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled that police may establish probable cause for a search warrant if they believe they smell raw marijuana.

If a law enforcement officer believes they smell raw marijuana based on prior training and experience, they may establish probable cause for a search warrant based on that training and experience, the Indiana Supreme Court has ruled on an issue of first impression.
The Supreme Court affirmed the decision by the Greene Superior Court on Thursday in Jesse R. Bunnell v. State of Indiana, 21S-CR-139, overturning a reversal by the Indiana Court of Appeals.
Jared Polis has announced the creation of a Cannabis Business Office to promote social equity, provide financial and technical assistance to entrepreneurs and create jobs in the state’s $2.2 billion marijuana industry.

The office was authorized by legislation passed during the Legislature’s 2021 session that provides an initial $4 million from the state’s marijuana cash tax fund for its operations.

A study found that “individuals using a THC + CBD chemovar had significantly lower plasma THC concentrations and reported less paranoia and anxiety while also reporting similar positive mood effects as compared to individuals using THC only, which is intriguing from a harm reduction perspective.”


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