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Move Podcast #19 – Bobby Newman – Intervening to create successful 'New Men' (or woMen)

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Have you ever heard someone describe witnessing a car crash and expressing that they simply ‘couldn’t look away’?! Well, luckily for some, Bobby Newman, a successful intervention specialist, is there with a net to prevent them from going off the cliff! More good news, Bobby knows all the secrets to make the hard road ahead, a little smoother… This week, Scotty Carlisle sits down to discuss how important it is for family to never give up on their loved ones, and how those loved ones need to step up and dedicate themselves to getting better; because at the end of the day, they can really only help themselves. 

‘One of the hardest things the loved ones of an addict must face is how to get their addicted family member or friend to agree to treatment.  The addict must agree on his/her own choice, but how do you get that to happen?  This is very difficult but can be done. Bobby Newman is a professional interventionist and has a great record of getting addicts into treatment and on their way to a sober and happy life.’

‘Bobby Newman is an interventionist with a 90% success rate of getting people into treatment. He is a former addict, so knows all the whys and wherefores that prevent the addict from getting clean and sober. Bobby has developed a series of videos to help YOU to do your own intervention and get your loved one into treatment NOW.’


00:05:25 – Bobby Newman’s History
00:06:55 – FOOTLOOSE 1980
00:07:30 – LSD
00:08:35 – Methamphetamines
00:10:40 – Prison for the first time
00:12:00 – Rehab
00:14:15 – Drug education specialist
00:17:30 – 3 things for a successful intervention
00:27:40 – NEVER too soon for an intervention
00:30:00 – I don’t have a problem
00:40:30 – Temptation
00:48:00 – BIG pharma
01:05:45 – Where do you draw the line?!
01:08:00 – When you know you’ve crossed it, it’s too late!
01:15:00 – Dents in your car, and knots in your head
01:16:40 – SUCCESS STORY!

Contact info:

Bobby Newman’s Hotline –  866-989-4499
Website – https://www.newmaninterventions.com/
Tips for an intervention – https://www.newmaninterventions.com/25-successful-intervention-tips/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/newmaninterventions/

Scotty Carlisle is a Realtor in Corona, CA, where he has been real estate licensed since 2007. He has an extensive knowledge base from his experience as a financial advisor for almost 20 years. He founded several startups including but not limited to Fortress Life Financial Services in 2005, ExchangeMyLoan.com in 2007, American Freedom Equities in 2012 (a Registered Investment Advisory), BMG Marketing Group in 2012, My Unsung Hero Foundation (a 501c3 nonprofit organization) in 2012, and FLiP Creative Consulting in 2015. Scotty graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor Degree in Logistics, an EMT Certification from Cal-State Long Beach, and a Master Degree in Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation – from the University of Southern California in 2015. Other licenses he acquired throughout his tenure include Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Property and Casualty, Series 7, Series 6, Series 63, Series 65, and of course the NMLS (Nationwide Multi-state Licensing System and Registry) for mortgages. He worked as COO of AES Marketing Group for 4 years (clients included Chrysler, Subaru, Toyota, Microsoft, eBay, and more). Scotty has been a financial consultant for many local businesses such as All Magic Paint and Body, in which he has helped them secure the funding to grow from 1 body shop to 4 shops in little over a year. Scotty has also been a board member of S.A.C.K. (Simple Acts of Care and Kindness) since 2009. He was an All-American collegiate wrestler at GSU (4th in Nation), and broke both existing springboard diving records there after only 2 years in the sport. He then went on to coach Diving at California Baptist University in which the swimming and diving team became CBU’s 1st National Champions – from any sport in history. He is currently a magician member at the Magic Castle in Hollywood (since 2008). His other hobbies include public speaking and Toastmasters, billiards, video production, music production, podcasting, and photography. By far, his best accomplishments in life include his 5 beautiful children and AMAZING wife which have made all of the other stuff possible. If anyone can help you accomplish your financial goals and negotiate your deal, while informing you of potential risks and rewards – there are very few people better equipped to make that happen.



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