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Money, Investing & Psychology with Ankur Warikoo @warikoo | Podcast Ep. 8 | The Sid Warrier Podcast

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Podcast no. 8: In conversation with Ankur Warikoo  
How does money affect decision making? How can one become a better investor? What role does psychology play in finance? 

0:00 Start
0:53 Start of the Podcast
2:45 Brief note of Ankur’s Journey
5:50 Siddharth’s Career
6:40 Mic echo problem
9:20 Overlap between Psychology and Money.
12:28 The idea of being aware of psychology in relation to age.
12:55 People’s perception of money with age.
16:40 What makes you a good investor?
19:47 Advice children about their future.
23:10 10 Commandments used by Ankur.
24:18 How often does the idea of compounding surprise you?
29:50 Giving importance to physical discipline, how this could affect one’s life?
35:18 What are the effect of physical discipline on financial decisions?
39:38 The idea of retirement in the age of 2021
43:23 What is going to influence your investing more than anything?
46:30 Thanks

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