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Medical Marijuana Benefits

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Medical Marijuana benefits for today and the future. (http://yhtv.us/subscribe) Join us in a conversation with a Medical Marijuana Doctor. We will learn about her path, the passion and the concern in a new aspect of a Medical practice. We will also explore the challenges for her and her patients and the research being done to make sure of the legalities, therapeutics and bio-ethics involved. http;//YHTV.us

1. The State of the Art of Science and Research of Cannabinoids and other chemicals – https://youtu.be/bPi_PTrdUeQ?t=15m34s
2. Different Conditions that Marijuana Helps – https://youtu.be/bPi_PTrdUeQ?t=22m39s
3. Doctor Patient Process and who shouldn’t take Marijuana – https://youtu.be/bPi_PTrdUeQ?t=27m27s
4. Addiction – https://youtu.be/bPi_PTrdUeQ?t=30m55s
5. Methods of Consumption – https://youtu.be/bPi_PTrdUeQ?t=34m17s
6. Symptoms/Signs to look out for – https://youtu.be/bPi_PTrdUeQ?t=37m1s
7. Label Standards, Policies, Marketing and Safety Regulations – https://youtu.be/bPi_PTrdUeQ?t=46m
8. Traveling with Medical Marijuana – https://youtu.be/bPi_PTrdUeQ?t=52m45s


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