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Louisiana SPF Rx Training Series Session 5 Changing the Conversation

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The Louisiana Center for Prevention Resources and Carlton Hall Consulting LLC (CHC) will deliver a series of virtual learning experiences, customized for The Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) in support of the Strategic Prevention Framework for Prescription Drugs (La SPF Rx) for the purpose of raising awareness about the dangers of increased prescription drug and opioid abuse. The Louisiana SPF Rx Prevention Leaders Training Series is a customized curriculum designed to strengthen coalitions and state grantees across the state of Louisiana.

This is session 5: Changing the Conversation – The Role of Prevention, Treatment, Recovery and Inequity During a Natonal Crisis.

Our presenter, Carlton Hall, will reframe perceived “gaps in the national conversation” as opportunities to change the conversation and offer “strategies” as critical skills required to specifically impact population-level reductions in medicine, opioid misuse and abuse. Discussion will cover the tools and resources, including CHC’s trademarked training system, to address the Rx/heroin/synthetic opioid drug issue with scale and scope in diverse communities

During this time of COVID-19 it is important for coalitions and prevention providers to reflect on how the challenges and changes impact our ability to work in substance misuse prevention. This session will focus on how providers are adapting and creating innovative ways to engage community members and continue their substance misuse prevention efforts.


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