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Lets make the MEGA-CADE – Part 3 – THE MOVIES & TV

by admin

Welcome to PART 3 of THE MEGA-CADE! Basically what I am doing is squeezing every last drop of gaming and media goodness out of a Raspberry Pi 2.

In this Vid we are going to be installing Kodi and the main Plugin for our Movies. We will be starting to configure it and get the basic controls and layout of how you want your MEGACADE to be set up. Once configured you will have access to ANY MOVIE EVER MADE and ANY TV SHOW EVER MADE!!

By the end of this, you should be able to use Kodi a.k.a XBMC, have the most popular Repo setup, be able to use the repo and have the themes and basic setup configured. There is still some tweaks to go, but at least by the end of this you have access to it all.

NEXT video in this series I hope to be the TV planner including EVERY TV CHANNEL IN THE WORLD!

With this set of vids I will take you from the bare bones and by the end you will have a setup that can: – Play all the consoles you loved as a kid and now FREE – Watch your entire movie collection in full 1080p FREE – Stream the latest movies released NOW without any hassle FREE – Latest TV shows, channels and episodes FREE – Play all your PC games through THIS setup – Have your HyperSpin setup in EVERY room of your house – All utilized through some of the best Front ends available – ALL this controlled with a XBOX360 pad!

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All the parts used in the making of this can be found in detail in PART 1 of this series.

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