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How To Make Animated Videos? – PROCESS #1

by admin

A global view of how I create animation videos.
Download Genshin Impact fo free: https://xfu.biz/C9zc !
Available on PS5, PS4, PC, IOS & Android.

►Twitter & Instagram : @superkevintran & @drawsomestudio

Editing by Kevin Matsumoto (@dianausse)
Mixing by David Amsalem (Dadson Studio)
Drawings by Fanny Antigny (@lesdessinsdefa)
“Exhausted Kevin” is animated by Julien Cortey (@__eyco__)

Musics used in this video are from Epidemic Sound:
The Fly Guy Five – Meet Me In Montmartre
The Fly Guy Five – A Walk In Marais
Benjamin Rice – Going on a Picnic
Vendla – April Fools’ Day
Cornelio – Feriado
© 2021 – Kevin Tran – Drawsome Studio


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