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“He use God as a weapon/
Keep it Even Steven when the Odds are against him/
It’s like a domino effect when/
He Drop bombs on ya henchmen not even mentioned/
Left abdominal clenching/
leave ya lookin like ya vomited ketchup/
Get SHERMINATED* “Hasta la vista!”/
When He drop science like he knocked over beakers/
Wonder if he got any reefer?/
Like blue oyster cult* he “don’t fear the reaper!”/
He need MORE COWBELL! On the beat son/
So he can get it poppin like a Capri Sun/
Wake up wondering what has he done?/
Like the wolf man covered in fur feathers and blood/
Got “herbs on the run” like marijuana dealers/
Delivering dub sacks like Chinese or pizza!

Whose rhymes are uniquer?
Haunt you with vibes inside the speakers/
Flow like slime from urethra/
Yar lost souls like old nike sneakers/
Hanging from telephone lines in the hood/
She aint want a cigar but I gave her backwood/
Or a mufuggin black n mild/
Acting wild like it was back in style/
Yar wonder wtf he rap about?
Dont brag about racks in my bank acount/
Yar cunts are like blunts that get passed around/
Now they too loose getting bud in yar mouth/
He like Al Bundy throw you out the house/
Yar like using a computer without a mouse/
Tryna communicate without a sound/
Shoot yar shot like yar at the bar buying rounds/
Its like he not even trying now/
Make yar cum without eating vagina out/
Pave the way when he find a route/
Clear a path like famine or drought/
Swimming up stream like salmon or trout/
While yar go with the flow like passing clouds/
Leave pussy lips looking like bassad hounds/
Droopy dog with the fat ass jowls/
Making her throw in the towel/
Dont give a hoot like apathetic owl/
How do yar like those apples?
Its not oranges or bananas/
Who got the dopest flow stanzas/
But aint feeling it like overdose on apsrin/
Who the fugg knows what gone happen?
When he snap like slim jim Macho man Randy Savage/
Nacho man but still smashed it/ cause she stayed cheating & monkey branching/ made her “mmm bop” like one of the Hanson’s/ sucked my dick then kissed her husband after/ not just another rapper/ master of ceremonies make the crowd clap for him/ like cheeks when she throwing it backwards/ leaving the sheets soaked with the ectoplasm/ after multiple orgasms/ never faked no moans or muscle spasms/ muffuggas need a knuckle sammich/ punchlines leaving yar dumb fuggs damaged/ over a password beat get beat down/ busta nut in yar ear & hear how my seeds sound/
Grown like jack & the beanstalk/
why yar faggoats gag on meat cock?/
yar like crackheads with bags of sheetrock/
leave yar hanging from branches in treetops/
Make yar pussies queef & beatbox/
Sounding like Dougie Fresh or Bizmark/
Lips left looking like licorice/
After getting stretched out by my dick width/
Cock got a girth certificate/
Of authenticity like autographed pictures bish/
Sent meh nudes without asking for them/
Randomly Flashing meh like Gordon/
With the fishsticks/
Or the 2 peice with the biscuits/
Just sipping my Lipton/
Like kermit but thats none of my business/
Slam hog a Miss Piggy/ 🐷
When he hit it froggy style 🐸 all up in bih kidneys/
Cop brain freeze like Walt Disney…”


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