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Gifted But Twisted – Money In The Bank (ice-cream song) + lyrics

by admin

Not the song you expect but still awsome!
I do not make money from it just want to share it so we all could listen to it.

Name of the song:
Gifted But Twisted – Money In The Bank


Stop, drop kaboom baby lemme wreck it
Lemme get up on this mic and put your life into perspective
With a bomb ass beat and a bomb ass rhyme
Imma murder it like O.J. everytime
Never been on TV but I’m an underground sensation
My shit’s like gettin laid, your shit’s masturbation
I’m an average joe man but have no fear
I’m 18, unsigned, push a quarter mil a year
So when you see me around you better remember the name
Cuz I ball like the Lakers, smoke kush like Lil’ Wayne
I stay hardcore when I’m gettin’ it on
And imma hit it and quit it like I was doin’ your mom
You doin’ yourself or some nasty bitches
Just rubbin a genie but you ain’t gettin no wishes
I’m puffin swishers like a boss cuz thats how we do
You puffin’ on your last breath homie you just got schooled

I got money in the bank, I got money to blow
And it sounds so sick when I spit this flow
When I roll up at the party everybody know
Cuz It’s GBT thats pumpin through my stereo

I roll like Limp Bizkit, eat pussy like triscuit
And you can’t compare when I’m spittin my shit
I’m fat like kris kringle, turn shit to a single
Got money in the bank, stackin bitches like pringles
When it comes to how i’m livin’ can’t fuck with me
My girl hot as hell, your girl got a disease
And everywhere I go I always reek of marijuana
Cuz I’m puffin’ on Obama while I give it to yo mama
I’m a microphone master, a lyrical disaster
Make the boom boom beats comin’ out yo ghetto blaster
Catch me later on when I’m hittin’ up the party
With my girl gettin naughty, just sippin’ on bacardi
I keep the party jumpin when the bass go boom
And ya better make room everytime I’m comin through
And when it’s all over y’all know who to thank
Me motherfucker and my money in the bank.


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