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Four Common Causes Of THC Relapse *Struggling to quit*

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If you are trying to quit smoking weed, you need to be aware of these common causes of THC relapse. Relapsing on weed can happen for many reasons. Relapse often occurs because of withdrawals, boredom, feeling good, feeling sad/ stressed, and peer pressure. In this brief video Dr. Frank the founder of AddictionMindset Recovery Coaching breaks down the most common causes for THC relapse. Many people struggling with weed addiction know just how bad relapse feels, its time we help one and other out!

If you want to know how to quit smoking weed or are in the process of quitting THC, check out the links below:

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The Easy Way To Stop Smoking:

If you are trying to quit smoking weed or are suffering from a THC addiction it’s important to know that you are not alone. Check out the link below for marijuana anonymous.

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At AddictionMindset Recovery Coaching we help people quit nicotine, THC, energy drinks, and adult media content.

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