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Evening News: November 12, 2021 | CVM Television Live Stream

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Top Stories:

Klansman Trial: Witness Links Gang to Burial Site in Rivoli Spanish Town
The second witness in the one don Klansman trial was challenged to recount an incident where he claimed two men were killed and buried in Rivoli, Spanish Town. The witness claims police acting on his intelligence last year found human remains in a section of Rivoli. It was suspected the site is used by a gang to bury bodies.

NHT Critics Call Out Trust as Applications Open
The heat intensifies with some critics of the NHT calling for protest action against the Trust for its alleged shift in mandate. More flak this, as applications for the luxury priced Ruthven Towers development open online.

Pepper Spray Act to be Re-Tabled in Parliament
The pepper spray act that was tabled in Parliament 20 years ago will be re-tabled at the next sitting of the house. Opposition leader Mark Golding says the court system needs to be more favorable towards women who are mainly the victims of domestic violence.

Child Advocate: Mandatory Paternity Testing “Half Baked”
Meanwhile, the intention of one St. James Member of Parliament to motion in Parliament for mandatory paternity tests for children at birth has met resistance from some child and women’s advocates.

Senate Passes Bill to Amend Tip Act
A bill to amend the Trafficking in Persons Act, 2021 was today passed in the Senate without objection. The changes will see the law being more pointed towards perpetrators as human trafficking thrives in the pandemic.

St. Thomas Brothers Killed after Houses Ablaze
The murder of two St. Thomas brothers on Thursday, November 11, have left their relatives in dismay. Family members say after an attack of arson on the homes of the deceased, men, claiming to be police, wearing bullet proof vests shot Oshane Prince and Swayson Reece.

Port Royal without Electricity
For the past three days residents of Port Royal have been without electricity. The residents say calls to the Jamaica Public Service, (JPS) have fallen on deaf ears. Fisher folk in the area have been greatly impacted and are calling for the JPS to act with urgency.

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