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EP. 5 The First Step, Bitcoin IRA's, Cannabis Celebrities

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The Day After Tomorrow Is Yesterday

Culture Report:
This week we continue our tough conversations about mental health and the journey of healing from past trauma. We highlight ways of using intentionality to come back to balance and using life experiences to reflect and gain wisdom for your present self.

Weather Report:
This week we sit down with Brian Harrington, from Choice Kingdom Trust. He educates us on self-directed IRA’s and how the new Choice app provides you a way to buy tax free bitcoin. We also discuss bitcoin strategy, security, and politics. https://www.brianharrington.org/

Cannabis Report:
This week we chat about the new cannabis celebrities taking the market by storm and review some of the top 25 brands in the market. We also have a fun but thought provoking conversation about the “stoner stigma” that was portrayed and emphasized in comedy movies that could have caused more harm than good big picture, and ironically the writers of these movies are now looked to as leaders in the cannabis community and legal movement.

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