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Dudes 87 :Stoner Watch retro re-watch

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Dudes 87 :Stoner Watch retro re-watch
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welcome to stoner watch
and this is my the retro re-watch series n today we’re talking bout 1987’s Dudes

n yes I recently watched, i wanna say the classic movie from 1987 Dudes Starring Jon Cryer and Daniel Roebuck for the first time but man I gotta say this movie was just terrible, i mean the
story was stupid ,the dialogue was cringie, there’s only 2 things i liked bout this movie the sound track n Catherine Mary Stewart was in it but i have to say i really feel bad for her
cuz again not a good movie, there was brief moments of something funny but then something stupid would follow, maybe it’s just me…..

Dudes is a 1987 American independent film directed by Penelope Spheeris, written by Randall Jahnson
A Western revenge story in a contemporary setting, its plot concerns three punk rockers from New York City who attempt to make their way to California. When one of them is murdered by
a vicious gang leader, the other two, find themselves fish out of water as they pursue the murderer from Arizona to Montana, assisted by a tow truck driver

Continuing Spheeris’ theme of highlighting the punk subculture as in her prior films The Decline of Western Civilization (1981) and Suburbia (1984), Dudes features several rock musicians
in various roles, including Fear singer Lee Ving as the gang leader, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea as the murdered punk, and John Densmore of the Doors, Axxel G. Reese of the Gears,
and punk artist and promoter “Mad” Marc Rude in minor roles, as well as punk rock band the Vandals performing in the opening scene. Spheeris had previously worked with Ving in The Decline
of Western Civilization, and with Flea and the Vandals in Suburbia.

Dudes was shown in only a few theaters and did not receive a wide release through a film distributor. Several parties involved in making the film, including Spheeris, later attributed
this to its mixing of multiple genres and tones. Written as a dramatic, action-filled “punk Western” set in the modern era, the finished film also contained elements of comedy, road movies
and a heavy metal soundtrack, the combination of which made it difficult to market. It received a home video release on VHS, through which Dudes did find some cult like following
over the decades after its release. In 2017 it was given a new release in the DVD and Blu-ray formats

Jon Cryer
Catherine Mary Stewart
Daniel Roebuck
Lee Ving

currently this movie is sitting with no rotten score with only 3 top critic reviews,1 outta the 3 liked this movie ,only one took the time to actual write out a review n yes that’s the
one who liked it

but dudes does have a decent audience score 62% it’s most recent review other then my video right now was in Aug. 2018


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