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Created at the height of the hippie / free love era, when drug experimentation by youth began to take on the appearance of an epidemic, “Drug Abuse: The Chemical Tomb” was created by Alan Kishbaugh. This anti-drug film from 1969 offers an overview and warning on the kinds of illegal drugs available to the youth of America, while also urging that young people avoid drugs to better engender the social change society needs. Despite its semi-progressive message, you’ll see lots of staged scenes of teenagers and young people engaging in drug use, buying drugs, experiencing drugs (one girl’s “trip” offers perhaps the lamest psychedelic imagery ever captured on film), and facing the consequences of drug use. Produced by Film Distributors International, written and directed by Alan Kishbaugh, executive produced by Kenneth Holst, narrated by Chuck Bowman.

00:16 Title Card 00:25 University of Texas at Austin campus; Main Building (clock tower), Littlefield Fountain 00:41 Newspaper headlines and photographs related to student protests and campus unrest; Milwaukee Journal, Hartford Courant, Boston Herald Traveler, Arkansas Gazette, San Francisco Examiner 01:10 Drug deal goes down; two young men stand on curb, older man approaches and sells them drugs 01:42 Young men spread marijuana over newsprint on table 01:54 Drug dealer picks up couple outside high school; car arrives at house and drug deal occurs 02:55 California Lutheran Hospital building (now California Hospital Medical Center) 03:03 John T. Burroughs, Medical Director of Narcotics Education, Los Angeles District Attorney’s Youth Advisory Council, addresses camera from his office 03:56 Extensive display board of illegal drugs 04:22 Examples of a seconal sodium pill (“Red Devils”), pentobarbital sodium pill (“Yellow Jackets”), Tuinal pill (“Rainbows”) 04:45 Portable record player on bed, hand shakes pills out of bottle 06:02 Woman fills syringe with fluid from vial 06:34 Hand picks up a syringe, inserts needle into arm 06:57 Woman runs down sidewalk, up stairs to beachfront house, enters and sits in window 08:21 Boys gather and huff glue in rag 09:05 Marijuana plants, leaves, rolled joints 09:24 People smoking marijuana; lighting joints, passing them 10:05 Teenage male uses mortar and pestle, chemistry equipment to make a powder, puts it into pill capsule 10:33 Groovy teenage party 10:52 Same teenager offers pill to teenage girl at party, girl takes pill 11:22 Teenage girl’s “trip”: goldfish, airplane, spirals, lava, circus music, airliner, marching band 12:13 Teenagers smoke, pass joint 12:37 Police car interior, officer answers radio 12:58 Teenage boy in handcuff, two girls escorted by police to car 13:41 Teenage boy stands before judge in court 14:15 Marijuana sifted through flour sifter, poured into bag 14:30 Teenage girl takes pills from bottle in bathroom 14:40 Teenage boy and girl take pills at kitchen table 15:22 Nurses in white uniforms, hats 15:31 Candy striper feeds man in traction 15:42 Men in suits in meeting; various bell towers and church steeples 16:03 Teenagers at a drug-free party 16:19 Teenage boy and girl talk on sidewalk, walk away from camera 16:35 CREDITS

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