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Dope Smoker – Marijuana (Full Album)

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Dope Smoker – Marijuana (Full Album) Dope Smoker are a 3 piece rock group from South West Wales where everyone smokes dope & surfs. Marijuana is their brand new album released in February 2016. Marijuana features 10 Stoner jams with hypnotic repeating lyrics. Dope Smoker baby! Ahhh yeah. Sit down, dim those lights, throw some headphones on and burn one. Be careful though, just listening to this album is enough to give you couch lock.

Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea, caught some waves and smoked some dope in a haze of riffery! Wales has some great bands.. Man, Budgie and now the mighty Dope Smoker. Music to burn one too. Get that bowl ready and let Dope Smoker take you on a trip to the land of smoke and honnies.

1. Jammer – 0:00
2. All Day – 5:34
3. Assassin – 8:49
4. Ever – 12:55
5. Streets Of Rage – 16:32
6. Hollow – 19:36
7. Legalise It – 24:30
8. October – 27:22
9. Natas – 31:30
10. Manitoba – 35:31

Support Dope Smoker by purchasing the album here ~ https://dopesmoker.bandcamp.com/album

Dope Smoker Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/dopesmokerdoom

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Check out Stoned Meadow Of Doom 2 for more excellent full albums! – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkqjcQwTNvsxQWT44N6ESrA


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