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Did Michael Jackson Smoke Marijuana?

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Michael Jackson is remembered as the “King of Pop” and one of the most popular entertainers in the world. Before he became this best-selling artist, Jackson began singing at just four years old as his father worked his sons into a musical ensemble. Originally, Jermaine was groomed to become lead singer, but after hearing Michael sing to a James Brown song, his mother saw his talent, “I think we have another lead singer.” Jackson quickly became the center of attention, so by 1964 the Jackson brothers started entering talent competitions until they began performing at small venues across the United States. The Jackson 5 eventually auditioned for Motown, so by 1969 the record label had moved the whole family to Los Angeles to begin grooming them. By 1978, they had switched labels again releasing their new album “Destiny”, which began Jackson’s career as a solo artist. Jackson wrote and created his own music, making him one of the biggest black artists America had ever produced. Jackson continued to gain success as the most popular entertainer until his death in 2009, the same year he announced his ambitious series of concerts he described as the “final curtain call.” Unfortunately, Jackson died before the tour began, but he will be remembered as one of the greatest musicians and entertainers in the world.

During the time of Jackson’s death, police found two bags of marijuana in his house, which family members initially thought was heroin because the weed was rotting. Jackson’s body didn’t have any traces of cannabis at the time of his death, but he does have some marijuana moments from his past. According to Frank Cascio’s biography, the popstar smoked marijuana because Barry Gibb convinced Jackson that cannabis awakens creative ideas. The two then lit a joint right there in the recording studio, and it’s rumored the two would drive through the mountains surrounding Neverland to get high. Now, Jackson is still remembered as the “King of Pop”, not the “King of Pot”.

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