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DBD | My First Time New Killer | #7

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Lol OMG I Love This Killer The Demogorgon Is Awesome & He or She Is Not Hard To Figure Out How To Use Lol It’s Quite Easy 1s You Get The Hange of It &+ He or She Is Very Fun To Play As Lol I Mean I Love The Way It Looks & Sounds & I’m a Sci-Fi Horror Guy I Love Sci-Fi Horror Movies So I Think I Found My 2 Favorite Killers In DBD That I Love To Play As Lol I Love Sci-Fi Creature’s, Monster’s, Werewolf’s & Alien’s I Mean I Love Anything That’s Not From This World or If It Is Then It Would Have To Be Something Like Man Vs. Nature Sci-Fi Version Not Humans Killing Other Humans That Will Turn Me Off Cuz of How Stupidity It Looks & Acts Let’s Just Say This For Me To Get Into Horror Movies or Games Their Has To Be Sci-Fi In It & Not The Kinds of Sci-Fi Were They Look To Much Human No, No, No They Have To Be a Freak of Nature That Will Get Me Interested In It But I Will Say This I Don’t Mind The Others But It Will Make It Less Interesting For Me In Movies & Games 😉 /Dead By Daylight



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