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CBD products I currently benefit from PART 2 🌿🍃| Why I use Marijuana 💨

by admin

Welcome back to Thegreatsilvinni Vlogs CHANNEL 🔥🔥🔥🔥
spark up with me for a lil smoke session while I talk about some CBD products I’ve been using!
By the way my song (Vienti Seis) just dropped go to:
@gransilvinni music HERE ON YouTube or out NOW on Spotify, Google Play, Apple music, ITunes & Amazon.
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⭕ I make these videos for my own personal record and I share them with you in hopes to help someone out there. & to those who have been following me thank you so much I appreciate you🙏🏾
Love and light, sil

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– Wild Hempettes (pineapple blaze)
– CBD Ashwangdha soft gel pills
– Charlotte’s Webb lemon lime CALM gummies
– JustCBD sour worms
– Wedding Cake strain
– glazed bowl
– Amethyst


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