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Cabin Fever (2016) এর বাংলায় explanation | Cabin Fever Horror movie Summarized In বাংলা

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Cabin Fever (2016) Movie Explained in bangla |Cabin Fever (2016) Horror Action Film
Cabin Fever (2016) Horror Action Movie story in bangla Haunting bangla
Explaining the ending of Cabin Fever (2016) | Explained in Bangla
Cabin Fever Movie Explained in Bangla

Cabin Fever is a 2016 American horror film directed by Travis Zariwny (under the pseudonym Travis Z) and written by Eli Roth. A remake of Roth’s 2002 film of the same name and the fourth installment in the Cabin Fever series. The film stars Samuel Davis, Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario, Nadine Crocker, and Dustin Ingram. The film was released on February 12, 2016 by IFC Midnight. Eli Roth, writer and director of the original film, acts as co-writer and executive producer.
A forest-dwelling hermit discovers his dog has died from a mysterious illness and is sprayed by its infected blood. Five young friends, Paul, Karen, Bert, Jeff and Marcy have rented a cabin in the same woods for a week-long vacation. The group stops for supplies at Priddy’s General Store. Dennis, the intellectually-disabled son of the store manager, unexpectedly bites Paul’s hand.

At the cabin, Jeff and Marcy have sex, Paul and Karen share a kiss while sunbathing and Bert ventures into the woods with a rifle. Bert encounters and accidentally shoots the hermit. Though initially concerned, he panics when he realizes the hermit is infected with a disease and flees. He says nothing about the incident to his friends.

Later that evening, while the group hang out around a campfire, a stranger who calls himself Grim and his dog, Dr. Mambo, gatecrash their evening. The group seem very hesitant about letting him stay, but warm up to him after he shares marijuana with them.

Later that night, the infected hermit comes to the cabin in search of help. Bert slams the door in his face and the desperate man tries to steal the group’s vehicle. A conflict ensues between the hermit and the five friends, during which they accidentally cripple their car and set fire to the hermit. He runs off into the woods, presumably to his death.

The next day, Jeff and Bert head out in search of help. They encounter a farmer who offers to help them, but hastily leave when they discover that the hermit is her cousin. Meanwhile, Deputy Winston arrives at the cabin to investigate reports of the previous night’s commotion. Paul explains things without mentioning the hermit’s presumed death. Winston promises to send a tow truck before departing.
Samuel Davis as Paul, a camper
Gage Golightly as Karen, a camper
Matthew Daddario as Jeff, a camper
Nadine Crocker as Marcy, a camper
Dustin Ingram as Bert, a camper
Randy Schulman as Henry, an infected hermit
George Griffith as Cadwell, the store owner
Derrick R. Means as Dennis, the boy w/mask
Louise Linton as Deputy Winston
Timothy G. Zajaros as Grim with his dog Doctor Mambo
Aaron Trainor as Tommy
Jason Rouse as Fenster
Benton Morris as Baily
Laura Kenny as Hog Lady
Teresa Decher as Emily
Travis Zariwny as Sheriff Lincoln

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