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BONG KILL – Full Action Hollywood Movie in Hindi Dubbed

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Directed:- Chalerm Wongpim
Casting:- Cheer Thikumporn Rittapinun , Aon Sarawut Marttong
Genre:- Action, Thriller
Movie Synopsis:- A Black Mask organization who sends “Angie” a skilled killer to find one of the organized James who has disappeared with the “The List.” Angie disguising herself as a high-class prostitute in order to get close to James. Along the way Angie meet Nina a prostitute. There something about Nina that Angie have a bond with. It might be because she remind Angie of her younger sister who have die since they were kids. Secret organization “Black Mask” order people to kill Angie and Nina at the time they both were rescued by Sam a police officer who was working on the case. After finding out who after her, Angie team up with Sam to find out the secret behind “The List” and to unmask who are the Black Mask organization and the truth? Why they are after her? Why she a killer?


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