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Bob Marley on Music, Marijuana and Rasta (Rastafarianism)

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Enjoy the wonderful patois and sip from the Cup of Wisdom being shared at the Table of Greatness. Bob Marley 1979

BONUS annotation from RapGenius:
“Perhaps the most controversial aspect of Rastafarianism is the use of Marijuana as a central part of the philosophy. Officially named Ganja, it’s colloquially described by the Rastas as ‘herb,’ and Bob Marley is said to smoke a pound a week. It’s outlawed in Jamaica, and a convicted smoker can expect an 18 month jail sentence.”


Bob Marley talks music, marijuana and rastafarianism in this historic (and quite epic) interview with one of Earth’s all time most influential people.

Marijuana Brand clothing takes special note of the perfectly casual track suit worn by Bob Marley during the New Zealand interview appearnce. Marijuana Brand is Dope.™ Bob Marley is King of Reggae.


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