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Benefits Of Ganja In Hindi | Weed | Pot | Marijuana

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Benefits of ganja in Hindi, this video will tell you about lots of benefits which you can get from marijuana so-called ganja.

It’s also used as medical marijuana which we call medical purpose.

Is weed bad for you? No, comparatively to alcohol it’s not.

There are a lot of people who don’t know what is ganja exactly. is it medicine or drug. Sometimes weed is healthier for you. There are tons of surprising health benefits. There is a list which says top marijuana benefits, there is also a video in which sadhguru on marijuana talks about it. You can also compare weed vs alcohol and which is less harmful.

There is also a reason why marijuana is banned in India because there are unknown facts of marijuana which we don’t know yet.

Some of the researchers say bodybuilders can also use it as medicine but only after a discussion with the doctor.


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