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Adam Dunn Show 11-19-21

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Wait am I tripping? ….what day is it ? ADS never knows what is gonna be on till Thursday around midnight. Well yes you probably are tripping but yes we do know what’s coming this week and well tripping is just one
of them. We are having our second installment of our Psychedunnic monthly edition
This month featuring Del Potter
Dr. Del Potter is a medical anthropologist, an entrepreneur, formerly the Chief Science Officer of Aya Bioscience and now the CSO of Avaricious a psychedelic startup focusing on 5-MeO-DMT, a psychedelic compound found naturally in certain plant species and the Sonoran Desert toad. Del has traveled extensively in South America
focusing on the composition and effects of shamanic plant medicine. If we can just keep Dave from telling too many dead stories it should be a real informative show. We are also gonna talk with LMC about the latest drop on the channel @lmcmedia “THE TOWN BUILT ON CANNABIS”Area420 I think you might know the gist of it …it’s about a town founded on 420 in 1911 yada yada ….check it out here

All the videos on this channel are very much about what’s happening NOW in the industry make sure to join it and see why LMC media will be a major voice in the cannabis world.
We will also have a Virt”shoe”al
Drop in from Peter Holzworth from @FLYSOULSHOES
These are plant based handmysustainable shoes made in Tepotzlán Mexico check them out they are extremely trippy…So prepare that tea , fill those caps,drop those drops ….you know what I mean and make sure that you roll those joints ( before you can’t ) and join us
4:20-7:10 MT YouTube.com/adamdunnshow


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