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📀LIVE|Investing September 2021: Stock market news – MARKET NEW LOW|Cheat Sheet 2021|The Owl Investor

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Tuesday Stock Pick: AAPL|ITMR|U|DOCU|EV makers
Investing September 2021 – Tuesday Pushing For New Low?! Stocks In The News|Cheat Sheet 2021|The Owl Investor

Hi Guys,

Monday was a bull market day.
Overall, oil stocks were able to reach a new high, despite the fact that movement was limited in the afternoon market and some stocks were able to turn red.
Today, there is one stock that is undoubtedly making headlines all over the world; today, we will look at it again and see how it is performing.

⍟⍟⍟⍟ Stocks Covering Today
⍟ Apple ( AAPL )
⍟ Itamar Medical ( ITMR )
⍟ Unity Software ( U )
⍟ DocuSign ( DOCU )
⍟ EV Bill effect on EV makers (TESLA, FORD, LUCID)

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Investing September 2021 – Best Stocks Right Here:
Cheat Sheet 2021 Series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ybonf3kSEW4&list=PLHcSaV1E6VUGYgF7b3k5UKkYUcngDnvOE

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Video Content:
00:00 Preparing
05:10 Start & Greeting
07:00 News Sharing: The Wall Street Journal headlines
09:30 AAPL: Apple Inc.
20:50 ITMR: Itamar Medical
23:05 TRIL: This stock is going to fall
25:45 Chinese stop English teaching!
29:50 PFE
30:20 U: Unity Software, bounce down to $117, hold for 2yrs
40:10 Don’t update your iPhone!
42:40 SOFI
44:05 ITMR: is a dead meat right now
45:25 SPCE
46:10 DOCU: Docusign, even their own engineers can’t crack it after it’s signed, buy at $240
01:01:20 SPRT
01:03:40 Face to face talk
01:19:30 Welcome back. TSLA, HYLN
01:29:40 U, buy at $116
01:39:50 09868, GM
01:45:00 AMZN
01:49:50 TSLA
01:54:00 DOCU, BTC, CHPT
01:59:50 CPNG, MESA
02:02:10 PFE, DIDI, CHPT
02:03:00 How to invest in Chinese stocks
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Reference Video:
Pre Market Report 14-Sep-2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9wkNS1Hae8
How To Use DocuSign | Step-By-Step Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpHz1cuqaPE

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