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మొరిగితే మోత మోగిస్తా | Kodali Nani Sensational comments

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‎Chandrababu, who has spread the state to dogs. he lost the local elections. he said badvelu had fled the by-election. does chandrababu have confidence in himself? the son does not believe in Lokesh. chandrababu, who has been chief minister for fourteen years. he was described as a daddamma who could not keep a word he had given him. kodali Nani described lokesh as a sannasi. the adopted son is looking at Pawan because he cannot get the party. ‎
‎kodali described Pawan gangireddu in chandrababu’s ‎
‎hand. tdp is to be merged into janajana. no matter how many plays the two play together. even if conspiracies are hatched. the young lion can’t do anything to jagan. pawan kalyan has a mind block. jagan’s claw blows were warned that both of them would be wrong. ‎
‎which political party will stand by the weaker sections. ‎
‎ pawan, however, blamed kamma for commenting that he would stand by the social class. tadepalli is alleged to have a link to drugs from afghan. the it department has collected taxes and put money in heritage. otherwise, the two acres of chandrababu were asked how he had grown to rs 2,000 crore. babu’s family is the one who takes drugs. no matter how many blames are placed on jagan. it is not possible to prove. chandrababu had connections with the mafia. while he was in power, he was accused of smuggling marijuana from north andhra.‎

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